Memory through Time and Space

Memory in place and time workshop

To be displaced means to go through a journey – a trajectory in which one experiences unfamiliar paths, new cities, and different places, reformulating new relationships with the place, the city, and the urban heritage. During the workshop (2): Homs – Memory of Place through Time, participants introduced themselves through a composition of personal stories, images, and places to which they relate. Some dwelt on their old memories “back then the clock was newly built, I still remember its beautiful melody…it used to wake us up every night”; some rediscovered themselves in new places, “Istanbul is the dearest city to my heart…I didn’t feel estranged there”; while others found their old cities in new settings “I like where I live in Kreuzberg..Its narrow streets remind me with Al-Hamdieye”, or “The River Spree in Berlin reminds me of our walks along the Asi River”. Then, the participants have projected their life events and experiences on a spatio-temporal grid, to explore the relationships between the events: their numbers, frequency, duration, and the attachment to place.

This mapping experiment is part of the project Mapping Homs.